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Wordy and Smith are copywriters helping brands to tell their unique story.

Hi! We're the Wordy and Smith brothers.

We're copywriters and strategic communications experts.
Between us, we possess over a decade of experience in writing eye-catching, high-converting, boss-pleasing copy for startups, brands, government and corporates alike. As trained journalists, editors and ex-execs, wordsmithery is our forte - and because we're super blokes, we'll go the extra mile to make sure you're putting your top-notch content in the right places, too. 

Nota bene: We're currently booked up on projects until January 2019.

Wordy and Smith, copywriters and communications experts


A jeans and t-shirt kinda guy, Wordy's the copy gun you'd wrangle for your website revamp, sales brochure, SEO-stuffed blog, digital ad, gleaming press release or social feed. He uses phrases like "yeah, boy", "Steve Jobs was the Gandhi of our generation" and wears obnoxiously big glasses with no lenses in them. Still, he's a really great writer.

🖋️ Web copy to inform, inspire, delight, educate and encourage
🖋️ Sales copy to convert, convert, convert
🖋️ Incredible digital content that gets you loved 'n ranking
🖋️ Social media mastery and moderation

Grungy Yin and Yang


The eternal introvert of the family, Smith likes his glass of words on the dryer side. He's never happier than when knuckling down on a report, white-paper, corporate brochure, or bid proposal. Unaffectionately known as the 'Grammar Police', he probably prides himself a little too highly on his attention-to-detail. Great for clients, bad for his social life. 

Technical, tender and report writing 🖋️
Strategic communications planning/implementation 🖋️
Corporate content and media writing 🖋️
Sub-editing and proofing 🖋️



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