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So - who are Wordy and Smith?

The brothers

The Wordy and Smith brothers

Wordy is a purveyor, lover, speaker and writer of words. Smith prefers to get right down to it.

They're yin and yang, Bonnie and Clyde, the most dynamic of duos.

Wordy loves creative storytelling whereas Smith's a blue-chip chap.

You'd wrangle Wordy for your startup, digital agency or B2C business, but you'd be putting Smith in his happy place if you were in government, or the corporate sector.

Wordy loves writing beautifully-crafted copy to convert across websites, mobile apps, blogs, product listings, sales brochures and EDMs.

He can tell a founder story like no other and he's an absolute gun managing and moderating social media channels.

Smith, however, prefers the straight-shooting stuff. You know, terms and conditions, articles, white papers and reports.

In fact, mention "internal communication and stakeholder engagement strategy" to him and you'd see the tiny hairs on the back of his scrawny neck standing up.


The brains

Michelle Ives's brain

Because they're actually my brain, you get the best of both brothers.

As a former journalist, I've developed a knack for digital storytelling in a way that gets people listening. I've worked in both a busy newsroom as a reporter and helmed a high-fashion glossy in editorship.

From there, I moved into startupland as the Head of Communications for two high-growth tech startups, Loocl and Sendle, running some of the biggest e-Commerce campaigns this side of the Southern Hemisphere.

In addition, I've consulted as a communications advisor for corporates, NFP's and government. Overall, this represents a decade in communications and writing experience.

Whether it's the big stuff, like coming up with your communications plan and stakeholder strategy, or simply a one-job wonder helping you write some ah-maz-ing email campaign content that makes your audience glad for that inbox 'ding' - I'll put the word in word to your Mum.

Warmest in words,

Michelle Ives Wordy and Smith Copywriter

Michelle Ives

Word Chief @ Wordy and Smith