Wordy and Smith Copywriters
Expert copywriters and communications consultants.

Wordy and Smith have a way with words.

Wordy and Smith have a way with words.



Websites, social media, marketing words, tender documents, blogs, press releases and email newsletters - our version of throwing shapes is typing wildly on the keys, and boy, do we do it well. Whether you want to express a voice that’s witty, fun and quirky or serious, solemn and matter-of-fact, our experience copywriting for brands across the spectrum means we know how to speak in many literary tongues.

Wordy and Smith Copy Editing


We knew all those weekends hardcore proofing university essays for a bit of extra coin would come in handy one day. Whether it’s casting a keen eye over a technical document or tender to achieve a specific objective, getting your book ready for the printing press or jazzing up a LinkedIn bio ahead of a big career change - we’re the chaps for you.



The brains behind the brawn. The strategy pulls it all together, and our experience working in both executive capacities and creative environments means we can walk the talk - not just with great recommendations, but with implementing them (or pulling in the brains of those who can). PR, graphic design, SEO, web development, AdWords and Facebook Ads - we’re connected, yo.



We love a little chinwag over a coffee (or glass of pinot noir, if that’s your fancy) and love to share our brain-brew when we can. Just want to learn a little on the best way to approach a communications plan, how to nail your tone-of-voice, how to write better or how to rustle up a stakeholder engagement plan that actually engages your stakeholders? Pick a time and a place, we’re all ears.